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History Behind Slime - Artistic Rainbow

The History Behind Slime

Do you know how much History there is behind slime? Personally, I never thought there was any story behind my slimy, drippy, squishy, and cold slime. Don’t panic! I’m not going to give you a history class on slime, much less, bored you. But I do have to say, my jaw dropped when I found […]

Slime is not edible

Keep slime away from underage childrens and pets.

Children underage and infants

Should have parent supervision when playing with slime.

We use boxes for shipping

All orders travel in boxes for maximum protection.

We use Clarified Polipropylene Jars

Durable and sturdy 7oz jars. Slime does not stick to them.


“I have a passion for making slime and show my side creative. I love to inspire people to start their own business just like how I did at a young age. If I could do it you could also do it.
Thank you because you make this small business possible!
Rosy 🙂

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