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Slime in your Hair and Blanket

HELP! How can I clean the slime in my hair and on my blanket?

Yes, that happened to me.

One day I was messing around in my bed, having fun with my favorite slime, and the next thing I remember was waking up with slime in my hair and my favorite white blanket!
That was a BIG DEAL!
How can I clean the slime out of my hair and blanket?
At that moment, I started my search to solve my problem.
“How can I clean the slime out of my hair and blanket?”
How to clean up this mess that was already starting to dry?
How can a simple product containing borax, glue, and water be so tricky to clean?
Slime can sometimes act like a liquid and sometimes like a solid.
But you know what? It’s hard, but not impossible.

Here, I am going to share several tricks that I discovered on how to clean it.
After I squeezed the juice of a fresh lemon and gently rubbed my hair with my fingers, it began to get the slime out.
It was really easy!

To get it out of my blanket, I got several homemade recipes. Some told me to let it dry, others told me the opposite, so I felt really confused.

Most of the tips agreed that we should use white vinegar, so as my slime was still wet, I followed the recommendations, removing as much of the excess slime from the blanket as possible with my fingers.
After that, I poured vinegar onto the slime spot in the sink, and then I began to scrub with a clean brush.
It was a hard work! Pouring and scrubbing until all the slime was gone.
After exercising my arm muscles by brushing all the slime out, I rinsed and washed as normal in the washing machine.
It wasn’t an easy task, but I did it!

My best recommendation is that when you finish using the slime, make sure you keep it in its container and close it well to avoid accidents. Also, enjoy playing with your slime on safe surfaces.

Finally, the slime is to relax us, not to stress us.