Honey Cookies and Milk DIY Slime


Honey Cookies and Milk slime is a beautiful slime kit. This slime kit is divided into three 3oz slimes. The first one is the honey slime. It’s a beautiful thick golden clear slime. The 2nd one is a cloud cream slime called Cookie Dough. Lastly, the Milk slime is a beautiful thick and glossy slime. This kit is amazing and comes with a honey decoration along with a small container of brown cookie pieces. This slime is scented like honey and cookies.
The end result is a creamy slime. This slime is really amazing and super beautiful. Have fun and relax while you design your very own honey cookies & milk!

This slime also is in limited stock so I recommend getting this slime as soon as you can!

What you get

  • 3oz honey clear slime
  • 3oz milk white thick slime
  • 3oz cookie dough clay slime
  • 1 wood honey dipper sticks 3inch
  • 1 mini container with brown cookie pieces

In addition, slime comes with an extra baggy that contains a slime care sheet, a goodie/candy, and a bag of borax.

Scent: Honey Rolls & Cookies

Out of stock

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Honey Cookies and Milk DIY Slime
Honey Cookies and Milk DIY Slime