Aromatherapy Dough Slime “Never Give Up” Bundle 4-Pack 28oz


Feeling stressed out, missing peace, lacking confidence, lacking balance, or just wanting a kit that will bring you a sense of calmness? Well, an Aromatherapy slime pack is just for you or a perfect gift for that special person.

This slime pack has four different 7oz slime containers.

These consist of a light purple, creamy butter slime called Serenity, which has an amazing lavender scent. The next slime is a light blue and soft cloud cream slime called Peacefulness, which has a beachy scent. Another slime is a light green, creamy butter slime called Balance. This slime is scented like eucalyptus and mint. Lastly, the last slime in this slime pack is a light pink soft cloud cream slime called Confidence, which is scented just like roses. All of these slimes have their own particular meaning behind them.

The Serenity one stands for taking a deep breath and activating peace of mind. The Peacefulness one is one that gets your mind to stand still and find calm between each of your breaths. The Balance slime allows you to accept yourself and find yourself. Lastly, the Confidence one allows you to unleash your potential to achieve your goals and dreams. All these slimes are super motivating and their texture is super soft and creamy.

It comes with a 2oz activator spray bottle to help you maintain the slimes. This slime comes in a super cute clear bag that’s easy to hold and carry with you anywhere.

Size: 28oz (4 x 7oz each)

Scents: Lavender, Roses, Eucalyptus & Mint, Stress Relief

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Aromatherapy Dough Slime “Never Give Up” Bundle 4-Pack 28oz